The Len-Tex Story

The Len-Tex Story
The Len-Tex Story
The Len-Tex Story
The Len-Tex Story
The Len-Tex Story

Proven Science

Environmental awareness is a guiding philosophy at Len-Tex Corporation. Our manufacturing processes are designed to have minimal environmental impact while providing the quality and durability that our customers demand of commercial wallcoverings. We’re committed to manufacturing the right way -- for our customers and our environment.

Building it to Last

One reason Len-Tex is an industry leader when it comes to manufacturing with the environment in mind is our product durability. Wallcoverings that last longer directly impact the environment by requiring fewer replacements over time, which translates into less material entering the waste stream. That is why all Len-Tex wallcoverings meet the durability requirements of Type II wallcovering. Len-Tex takes product durability a step further by adding an extra top-coating of AQUA-CLEARSM. This proprietary coating is water-based, contains no metals, is environmentally benign and protects the wallcovering from scratching and color fading, which are often the reasons for premature wallcovering replacement.

First Generation

In an era of recalls, Len-Tex ensures the safety of its wallcoverings by using only first-generation raw materials. The use of certified first-generation raw materials gives Len-Tex customers confidence that their wallcovering will meet stringent specifications going beyond industry standards. Recycled vinyl products may contain lead, mercury, cadmium and other heavy metals – materials present in older vinyl products. Only by using first-generation raw materials can Len-Tex or any manufacturer ensure that toxic materials are not found in new wallcoverings. Len-Tex takes an extra step, requiring Certificates of Analysis from all suppliers to ensure that all raw materials conform to written specifications.


Manufacturing wallcovering is material intensive and generates solid waste. How manufacturers manage that waste stream can have a major impact on their environmental footprint. At Len-Tex, recycling is a mantra we have lived by for 15 years. PVC scrap is cleaned, baled and sold to become pipe for building construction; scrap woven fabric is baled, cleaned and sold for furniture finishing; all cardboard and office paper is donated to our town recycling center where it is sold to defray operation costs.


The process of manufacturing wallcovering uses air for heating and water for cooling. At Len-Tex, our cooling water is in a sealed refrigeration system, allowing us to use the same water over and over again in our process without water loss through evaporation. Our heated air is recirculated at the rate of 75% throughout our process. This not only saves energy, it also reduces our emissions dramatically – so dramatically that the State of New Hampshire no longer requires air quality permits for Len-Tex emissions.


Len-Tex is committed to constantly reducing our environmental footprint. In 1986 we pioneered the use of water-based inks for commercial vinyl wallcoverings. In 1988 we developed AQUA-CLEARSM top-coatings to keep our wallcoverings looking newer, longer. In 1993, we closed the loop for process cooling water and process steam to minimize energy consumption. In 2011 we introduced Clean Vinyl Technology, a proprietary formula that is phthalate-free, formaldehyde-free and has no heavy metals. Our wallcoverings with Clean Vinyl Technology are rated ultra-low emitting, and have earned the Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) Indoor Advantage Gold certification, based on the stringent CA01350 standard for interior finishes. Len-Tex continues to lead the industry with new products, processes and thinking that starts with the environment in mind. In 2014, we received the NSF/ANSI 342 certification for sustainability and in 2015 we published a Health Product Declaration (HPD) providing total transparency of our product components.


As one of the top 100 privately held companies in New Hampshire, and the largest employer in our area, Len-Tex takes the role of good neighbor to heart. That’s because we not only work here, we live here, too. We make sure proceeds from all of our paper recycling efforts go directly to benefit our town’s recycling center instead of our bottom line. We sponsor youth sports, cultural events and local charities not because we’re “supposed to,” but because they are our neighbors, our families and our friends. It’s what helps make Walpole, New Hampshire, one of the best places to live anywhere. And it’s what makes it our home.

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