Mar. 24, 2011: Len-Tex Launches Wallcovering End-of-Life Program

Download the End-of-Life Overview document here.
Download the End-of-Life Form here.

Len-Tex Corporation announced today the introduction of a program allowing the return of used vinyl wallcovering at the end of its useful life. The End-of-Life Wallcovering Return program supports the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship, focusing on the eventual disposal of its wallcoverings. Len-Tex will accept any fabric-backed recovered vinyl wallcovering from interior renovation projects, which may be recycled into new building materials.

Customers can easily take advantage of the End-of–Life program by working through Len-Tex distributor representatives. Once an order is placed for the replacement wallcovering, Len-Tex will send the supplies and paperwork necessary to return the recovered vinyl and any installation scraps. Participation in the program may also contribute to LEED credits for renovation projects in the Materials and Resources category by diverting construction waste from landfills.

Len-Tex manufacturing plants use both recycled cooling water and recirculated hot air which drastically reduces both energy and emissions compared to traditional manufacturing methods. The company has also recently introduced an exclusive Clean Vinyl (CV) Wallcovering, eliminating the elements of most concern to health and indoor air quality, including phthalates, heavy metals, and formaldehyde.


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