May 12, 2011: New Clean Vinyl Technology Improves Wallcovering Fire/Smoke Ratings

When Len-Tex Corporation developed its next generation of vinyl wallcoverings using Clean Vinyl Technology, an unplanned side benefit emerged — vastly improved fire and smoke ratings. Len-Tex president, Don Lennon said, “When we received the test results for fire and smoke spread, we were surprised at how much the new technology also improved those ratings.” While prior Len-Tex formulations passed the ASTM E-84 testing standard for surface burning characteristics, the new formulation improved those scores by 50% for flame spread (index 10) and by over 80% for smoke developed (index 5).
Len-Tex developed Clean Vinyl Technology to address concerns over phthalate and antimony content in its vinyl wallcovering products. Phthalates are commonly used as a softener in plastics, but are under scrutiny by regulators in many countries. Len-Tex wallcoverings comply with phthalate restrictions of State of California Prop 65, Republic of South Korea and the European Union.